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The future of cash

The Reserve Bank of Australia will continue to print money in response to demand. Cash has an important function in our economy because of consumer preference, social equity, and the stability of the economy.  

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Handling cash in the age of COVID-19

Refusing cash payments during the COVID-19 pandemic risks excluding people who rely on cash to pay.

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Supporting essential health services in COVID-19 crisis

Armaguard Group is committed to providing all the support we can as Australia and New Zealand respond to the growing COVID-19 crisis.

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Armaguard Group finalises rediATM Scheme acquisition

Armaguard Group has now taken over the management and operation of the rediATM Scheme and all customer-owned servicing contracts.

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Smarter, faster, more secure cash handling

Whether you need a better way to manage currency for a bank, grocery retailer, department store or entertainment venue, we have a secure solution that’s right for you.

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