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Complete Line Maintenance

We provide end-to-end servicing and maintenance for all types of ATMs.

To address the increased need for ATM field maintenance and repair services, we partnered with Group technology business, Integrated Technology Solutions (ITS), to design the only end-to end ATM maintenance package in Australia.

This unique service reduces overall costs while improving ATM availability and your customer's satisfaction. 

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How does Complete Line Maintenance work?

Complete Line Maintenance combines the skills of our call centre team, customer service personnel and a nationwide network of qualified technicians and guards to deliver high quality hardware and software maintenance.

Together, we provide maintenance and repair services to over 14,000 payment devices in Australia and New Zealand, across all major manufacturers and models.

ITS is the largest independent ATM services company in Australasia.

Integrated Technology Services (ITS) began in 1998 as a repair, research and development business primarily focused on reworking banking equipment. They soon established themselves as the industry leader repair facility, with the capability to repair and service componentry across multiple products to the highest quality standards - often better than the manufacturer.

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