Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair

Whether you need basic support or end-to-end maintenance, Linfox Armaguard Group provides a range of service options for your ATMs and self-service devices to reduce the time and cost of maintenance.

Maintenance and repair

Transform the way you maintain ATMs and self-service devices

Linfox Armaguard Group is the largest independent ATM service provider in Australasia, providing services to thousands of payment devices. Our experienced team provides our customers with fast and effective service throughout Australia.

Our expertise in the maintenance of self-service devices goes back to 1998 when Integrated Technology Services (ITS) was launched as a research and development business focusing on the repair of banking equipment.

ITS was quickly recognised as the industry-leading service and repair facility for the field maintenance of self-service devices for banking, retail and electronics customers.

ITS was acquired by Linfox Armaguard Group in 2004.

Today, we provide high-quality, tailored end-to-end technology solutions for all major manufacturers, makes and models, including comprehensive ATM maintenance and refurbishment for major banks, right through to PC repairs and customisation for growing companies.

We work closely with our customers to deliver high quality hardware, software, project management, health monitoring and maintenance for ATMs and self-service devices.

  • First line maintenance
    Our first line maintenance service provides you with initial technological assistance to resolve basic service requests. Available every day of the week, we service both branch and off-site ATMs around Australia.

  • Second line maintenance
    Whether we’re repairing or replacing parts, loading new software or troubleshooting a more complex issue, our skilled technicians place great emphasis on completing the job to the highest standards.

  • Complete line maintenance
    A single point of contact for end-to-end maintenance ensures your ATMs and self-service devices are always working their best. This includes our health monitoring and security services, providing a real-time interface to your complete network for quick action when required.

  • Independent maintenance
    Best in class independent maintenance services for all ATM manufacturers. Our highly skilled technicians will ensure the highest quality parts supply to keep your ATMs working and your maintenance costs low.


Repair and diagnostic centre

Our repair and diagnostic centre is a secure facility, equipped to handle work from the simplest repair job, through to the complete disassembly and refurbishment of a wide range of ATM and self-service machines.

It’s here that our skilled technical team investigates and repairs complex electro-mechanical modules, printed circuit boards and componentry.

Our connections with suppliers, and in-house logistics and parts inventory mean that we can often source parts and maintain devices long after original manufacturers stop supplying them.

Logistics, parts and inventory

As an independent service provider with partnerships with leading ATM suppliers, we source and supply parts to support the maintenance of almost any make and model of ATM. Linfox Armaguard Group is a certified service agent for Diebold Nixdorf in Australia.

Research and development

We think proactively to ensure your ATMs and self-devices keep working to their optimum performance. Any parts and modules we replace are returned to our repair and diagnostic centre for full investigation to ensure they are fit to be returned to service.

As part of this process, we analyse the results for potential future faults and provide direct feedback to manufacturers, working closely with manufacturers to develop replacement or enhanced parts.

ATM software test lab facilities

Our dedicated testing environment for all ATM technology allows us to provide our customers with the best possible service.

This includes:

  • Verifying software installed on your ATM network is running smoothly prior to upload
  • Certifying updates and upgrades of software components
  • Certifying new hardware to ensure it integrates with your current systems
  • Checking hardware component upgrades for durability
  • Ensuring back-end system changes won’t impact network performance
  • Resolving production issues that may arise.

This means we can address any issues that may arise before software and hardware is deployed to reduce the chance of costly downtime for your systems.


Professional services

We pride ourselves on our in-house Professional Services expertise. It is these services that underpin and add value to our single provider, multiple services business model.

Our Professional Services capabilities and resources cover a wide range of support services including:

  • Consultancy
  • Functional service design
  • Custom maintenance and support solutions
  • Software support
  • Technical support
  • Project management

Our consulting and professional services are available in retail and banking environments in the following areas:

  • Security
  • Sales and service
  • Product enhancement
  • Transaction banking
  • Branch process optimisation
  • Branch architecture
  • IT infrastructure
  • Software maintenance services

Customer service centre

Our call management centre is the first point of contact for all customer service and support to ensure issues are resolved fast.

Based locally, our customer service team operates from 5am until midnight, every day of the week. Log service requests by email or via Armaguard Online.


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