The Laboratory

The Laboratory


The Laboratory is a family-owned craft brewery and restaurant in New Zealand that offers both dine-in and takeaway options for thousands of guests.



Like many busy restaurants and pubs, The Laboratory is open from 11am til late. This provides a narrow window for staff to conduct banking activities each morning on business days, which also coincides with service preparation time.

Delivering cash to the bank takes at least thirty minutes every other day.



When Kiwibank told The Laboratory about Jeni, a new cash handling solution from ACM, the owners jumped at the opportunity to save time and money, as well as improve the safety of their staff.

With Jeni, staff can deposit cash takings into special Jeni bags, which can then be logged via ACM Online. Logged weekly, The Laboratory has opted for 'day after collection' settlement. The Laboratory stores their cash in a safe until their pre-arranged ACM collection day, and their takings appear in their bank account the day after collection.

Utilising ACM Online, The Laboratory is also able to place change orders and manage their cash remotely.



Introducing Jeni to The Laboratory has decreased travel to and from the bank by around thirty minutes every other day, which adds up to an nine business days over a full year.

For The Laboratory, this time is better spent focusing on value-add activities, like perfecting the all-important craft brew.

“The Jeni service has been fantastic for The Laboratory. Right from the get-go it has been a very easy process and the service received has been impeccable. It has eliminated wasting staff time delivering the banking and at no extra cost to us. A great big thumbs up from us!” Leigh Drewitt, Office Manager, The Laboratory 

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