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Secure Transport and Guarding

Whether you’re a small business or a major bank, we understand that the supply, collection and processing of cash requires secure transport by personnel you can trust.

We offer full armoured, discreet and guarding services, depending on your requirements, location and the volume of cash being handled.

Armoured services

Armoured services are provided by uniformed personnel with visible firearms, with transportation in an armoured vehicle. This service is suitable for high volumes of cash and valuables.

Discreet or non-armoured services

Discreet or non-armoured services are provided by personnel in plain clothes with concealed firearms, in a non-armoured vehicle. This service is suitable for collections of low volumes of cash and valuables.

Guarding services

Guarding services are provided by Group company, Point2Point Secure. Although personnel are uniformed, our security guard service is designed to be more discreet. Point2Point also provide guarding services for our Integrated Technology Solutions (ITS) technicians undertaking ATM field servicing and maintenance.

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