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Secure Services

Experienced, professional personnel

We pride ourselves on our team of experienced, professional personnel. They’re the reason for your continued trust, our reputation and our success as a business.

For the reassurance and confidence of our customers, highly trained personnel perform all our secure services.

All personnel hold relevant certification and up-to-date licenses required for their role, and these may include:

  • Security industry licence 
  • Firearms licence
  • Current firearms accreditation certificate
  • Current first aid certificate
  • Certificate in security operations 
  • Current drivers licence 

Armoured transport

For the reassurance and confidence of our customers, all our secure transport vehicles are highly armoured, and carry a number of armed occupants during transport.

We pair this security with DynaRoute, our dynamic tracking and route planning system. DynaRoute means we always know the location of our vehicles and are always able to update routes or information, remotely, should it be required.

Processing Centres secure by design

Every one of our Processing Centres is designed to be secure. From the blueprints to completed build, we work with a range of security providers to ensure our locations are secure at all times.

Security driven processes

The systems and processes we implement allow for optimal workflow needs, but never compromise security. We have Central Bank security certification where required and all areas are monitored at all times, by our Group security division via colour digital CCTV.  Should a transaction be queried, these systems allow for rapid recall and resolution.

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