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Cash Provision and Replenishment

Secure cash replenishment services for ATMs and self-service terminals.

We provide secure cash replenishment services for all types of ATMs and self-service terminals - from full function to smaller merchant units.

Our cash replenishment process

Cash is pre-packaged into exchange cassettes ready for replenishment at our Currency Processing Centre.

Our experienced, qualified personnel replace the cassettes in your ATM then return the removed cassettes to our Currency Processing Centre for counting, reconciliation and deposit into your nominated bank account.

Our replenishment service includes end-of-day settlement, replacement of consumables and light cleaning.

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We provide:

  • Cash sourcing
  • Funding of cash and hardware ATMs and deposit devices
  • Full accounting reconciliation for ATMs and deposit devices
  • Management of cardholder dispute resolution

We partner with major banks to ensure a total funding and replenishment service for the ATM market.

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