Mobile duress devices

Mobile duress devices

Protect staff who work in high-risk environments with a mobile personal alarm. EGIS devices are monitored by qualified staff at Armaguard Group’s 24/7 monitoring centre.

Mobile duress devices

Security and peace of mind

Emergency GPS Indication System (EGIS) devices are designed for staff who work alone or face risks in their working environment. The devices are robust and easy-to-use mobile personal alarms for security and peace of mind.  

Fully customisable to meet your needs, EGIS devices incorporate: 

  • two-way communication 
  • no-movement alert 
  • Automated welfare check 
  • personal duress alarm 
  • mobile tracking system functions. 

EGIS devices are carried by all Armaguard Group security guards and staff when providing cash security services, and are trusted by businesses and security services across Australia and New Zealand. 

All EGIS devices worn by our security staff and our customers’ staff are monitored by qualified team members at Armaguard Group’s 24/7 monitoring centre. 

When an alert is received by the monitoring centre we’re quick to respond. GPS tracking and conversations are recorded for evidentiary value as required. 

Protect staff who work alone or in high-risk environments with a mobile personal duress alarm monitored by leaders in security. 

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