Licence plate recognition cameras

Licence plate recognition cameras

Streamline your parking operations and keep your staff safe with automated remote parking enforcement. Increase compliance, reduce operational costs and redeploy staff to other value-add activities.

Licence plate recognition cameras

Improve efficiency of parking enforcement operations

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, either stationary or vehicle-mounted, take regular snapshots of licence plates and crosscheck them against records in our EziCom central management system.  

If a vehicle is found to have not paid or be overstaying, the designated parking enforcement officers  receive an alert. They can verify the potential infraction before issuing infringements - all done remotely. 

  • Real-time monitoring
    Linked in real-time to a central enforcement database for tracking and instantaneous decision-making.

  • Responsive
    All Pay by Plate parking terminals push licence plate and transaction data in real-time to EziCom, which the licence plate reads from the camera it is verified against. EziCom can be viewed on any browser, tablet or smart device, or integrated through our published API to enable automated enforcement.

  • Flexible
    We supply LPR cameras across a range of pricing structures and technical complexities to suit your individual requirements. These cameras are also suited for other purposes such as law enforcement searching for stolen vehicles.

  • Keep your staff safe
    Parking enforcement officers do not need to endanger themselves by walking around bigger vehicles that might not be able to see them, and confrontations with aggressive/hostile drivers are completely eliminated with a remote enforcement solution.

  • Run an entire carpark by yourself
    Entrepeneurs, small businesses and smaller parking operators can reduce operating costs and save time by using automated remote enforcement.
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