Jeni is a cash deposit solution for businesses that gets rid of trips to the bank and speeds up cashflow. We can transfer the cash value to your bank account before it even leaves your premises.


Jeni is a cash deposit solution designed to make life a little less stressful. 

We’ve used our years of experience to totally rethink how cash is deposited to the bank. Jeni gets rid of time-consuming, unsafe trips to the bank and provides businesses quicker access to cash. It’s flexible, helps with your cashflow, and simplifies the entire process. 

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Do more with deposits.

Jeni works through Armaguard Online, a secure platform that allows you to log your deposits and track everything you need from anywhere you like. With multiple access levels for different levels of staff and export functionality for other financial systems, Jeni rethinks the whole deposit process. 

Safe no matter what. 

When depositing cash, there’s no telling what could happen. The more it’s handled, the more risk is introduced. But Jeni gets rid of those unsafe trips to the bank and reduces the amount of cash handling needed. We’re experts in transporting cash safely and we’re incredibly secure at every step of the process – so you know you’re in safe hands. 

Your money, faster. 

Deposit your cash into a Jeni bag, log it online, secure the bag and we do the rest. With our next business day settlement option, the money arrives in your chosen account each business day – without the deposit leaving your premises. This helps speed up payments, manage cash flow problems, and lets you stay on top of your accounts. 

Cash when you need it. 

Jeni is incredibly flexible, letting you pick the settlement option that’s best for you. Choose from each business day, collection day payment, or verified funds payment. Plus, you can select which account you want each bag to be paid into. 

We can even organise a discreet pick up service, if you don’t want guards and an armoured truck on site. 

Time is money. 

Jeni speeds up the whole cash deposit process. Think of all that time wasted bringing deposit bags to the bank. We can even drop off cash floats and deliver change when we pick up your deposits. With Jeni you can get more done, make more money, and focus on your business.  

Here’s how it works 

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Armaguard Online 

Save time by placing collection and change orders online. 

Place, edit and cancel collection and change orders online via Armaguard Group’s secure cloud-based client access portal.  A range of access levels allows you to set limits and maintain control by site or region, with advanced reporting for visibility over your entire operation. Order CIT stationery, track orders and more.

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Learn how to login, navigate, lodge orders as well as edit and cancel collection, or change orders online. Contact your Account Manager today for your unique training password.

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Jeni Terms and Conditions.

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