Central parking management system

Central parking management system

Get a complete picture of your parking system and make decisions in real-time. Improve customer service across all touch points with a complete parking solution from Linfox Armaguard Group.

Central parking management system

Empower your front line staff with instant access to parking information

Our cloud-based parking management system, EziCom, is a centralised and scalable control centre that provides you with real-time access to your fleet of terminals via an intuitive user interface. Track terminal status, revenue status, vault gauges, events history, credit card transactions, terminal locations, cash removal details, and more.

You don't even need to install separate software. The cloud-based system publishes all your parking data in a cohesive, easy to understand, 360-degree dashboard. You can see what's happening in real-time on any web-connected desktop, tablet or smart device, or use our published API to connect to other systems and input data from other solution providers. EziCom is compatible with most meter models and other equipment.

Set up alerts to staff in the field via email or SMS, and schedule reports to run on regular intervals so you can assess revenue, downtime, KPI and other key metrics to monitor machine performance.

  • Get your information how you want it
    Our published API allows you to export or import data and easily connect to other solutions.

  • Make decisions in real-time
    Powerful next-generation meter analytics and reporting delivered in real-time to enable more informed decision-making, rapid deployment of changes and increased efficiency.

  • Improve customer service across all touch points
    EziCom tracks meter status in real-time, enabling you to manage, synchronise and coordinate customer interactions across all channels.

  • Do everything from your browser in real-time
    Maintenance management, revenue management, asset management, customer service, helpdesk support and more.

  • Comprehensive prebuilt reports
    Numerous querying and sorting combinations enable you to manipulate data and quickly identify, execute and review performance across the entire fleet.

  • Real-time hands-on control
    SMS or email alert notifications for terminal errors or warnings, fast analytics and reporting, and instant tariff update and deployment.

  • Powerful reporting engine
    Automatically route scheduled updates to designated users via email.

  • Advanced security.
    Class 2, 128-bit digital encryption.
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