Introducing atmx by Armaguard

Introducing atmx by Armaguard

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November 29, 2020

Introducing atmx by Armaguard – Australia’s best way to access cash when you need it

Cash is not going anywhere, it remains the most flexible and spontaneous payment method in the world today, and Armaguard is committed to ensuring your freedom to access cash continues to be quick and easy.

From your most trusted cash in transit provider, and now Australia's largest single ATM operator, get ready for a brand-new type of ATM experience, backed and endorsed by Armaguard.

atmx by Armaguard

atmx by Armaguard is set to become Australia’s largest independent ATM network, with more than 2,100 ATMs due to be rebranded over the coming months.

Wholly owned and backed by Australia’s most trusted currency management provider Armaguard, atmx is the secure option to access cash.  Strategically located across Australia for maximum convenience, keep an eye out for the sleek black and white atmx by Armaguard coming soon to you. 

Find your nearest atmx today at


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