How far is too far?

How far is too far?

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September 9, 2021

Some days it can be a long way to the shops if you want a sausage roll, but it can be an even longer way for some Aussies to access their cash.


Cash remains an important payment method for everyone, offering unrivalled flexibility and stability, but the overall reduction of ATMs has left some Australian towns with precarious access to cash, and few alternative access points nearby. Areas with low incomes or a higher proportion of Indigenous people are particularly at risk, as they are even more likely to be further away from cash access, according to a recent RBA analysis. (1)


Our landscape is what sets our country apart, but the vast distances and our remote communities leave many of us dependant on making cash payments, especially when internet access, power and communication are unreliable which are often affected by our damaging and unpredictable weather events.


As for the global COVID-19 pandemic, in his ‘From Recovery to Expansion’ speech, the RBA’s Phillip Lowe reported that regional and small-town Australia have also experienced an unlikely side-effect, with an influx of migrating capital city residents, raising significant demand for properties in regional areas and encouraging less people to move away from small towns amid unpredictable lockdowns and restrictions. (3)


With more than 900 ATMs presently rolled out (and more than 1,200 by Christmas) atmx by Armaguard is strategically designed to meet the ongoing needs of vulnerable Australians and fill the gap created by the trend towards the removal of regional and remote bank branches, cash access points and ATMs. (2)


As Australia’s largest independent “High Street” ATM network, atmx by Armaguard is dedicated to ensuring convenient cash access to all bank customers in metro and regional parts of the country, and right now welcomes major bank cardholders to use atmx without transaction fees for withdrawals and balance enquiries.


Ask your Financial Institution today about joining the atmx fee-free network 


To find your nearest atmx head online now


(2) Lekakis G (2020b), ‘Armaguard pledges cash for the bush’,




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