Committed to the provision of cash in a crisis

Committed to the provision of cash in a crisis

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October 2, 2020

Armaguard Group and our ACM, ATS, ITS and GIS businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand are committed to maintaining the supply chain of cash in our communities.

Throughout this unprecedented time, we have been working closely with our team members and customers to ensure we maintain essential cash and services to the community, which includes supporting major banks and retailers to continue providing services to the public.

As an essential services provider, our services are in full operation and we have comprehensive Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) in place to ensure they remain so. Importantly, our BCPs also consider all Department of Health Services, local and federal government instructions in relation to the COVID-19 crisis and we have in place appropriate mitigations to keep our staff safe. 

Just some of the steps taken to ensure the provision of essential services to our communities include:

  • working closely with the central and major banks to ensure cash remains readily available for all
  • ensuring that adequate cash reserves are maintained and managed on a daily basis
  • continued collaboration with all suppliers to ensure they too have effective BCPs to cope with vehicle and equipment repairs, maintenance and service provision
  • staggered shift patterns and suitable redundancy built into our cash centers, repair centres and field operations to maintain critical skills and ensure the continual supply of services
  • temporarily decentralising operations to ensure that the Customer Contact Centres remain accessible for our customers
  • our critical functions are supported by team members with remote access capability and we are implementing rosters to minimise the reliance on ongoing attendance at our main offices.

Focus on health and safety during COVID-19 crisis

The health, safety and security of our team members, customers and the general public is a key concern for Armaguard Group and to maintain safe environments for all is a top priority.

We have taken significant steps to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, and we are closely monitoring the advice from the World Health Organisation and other governing bodies to ensure we have the most up-to-date information, and we are taking all recommended precautions.

Just some of the steps we are taking to maintain service continuity for our communities include:

  • taking extra precautions with maintaining clean and hygienic working conditions
    • provision of additional sanitisation for our road crew, service technicians and cash handlers
    • additional sanitisation provided when handling and servicing ATMs
  • cash handling and personal cleansing disciplines have been reinforced such as washing hands with soap and/or hand sanitiser, wearing protective clothing and self-isolation where appropriate
  • staggering shifts to reduce the cross-over and contact between team members for all roles, including road crew, cash processors, in our repair and service centres, and our contact centres
  • implementing social distancing practises to ensure team members are working at appropriate distances from each other
  • working from home for non-operational and non-essential site team members to reduce the circulation of our team members in essential environments.

We continue to monitor all resources, and we are working closely with our customers to meet their needs at this time, including rescheduling of services and making alternative meeting arrangements.


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