Armaguard helps protect with Australian nanotechnology solution

Armaguard helps protect with Australian nanotechnology solution

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August 10, 2021

Armaguard enters partnership agreement with Australian start-up Touch Guard Pty Ltd to help protect the community with its High Touchantiviral technology.

Linfox Armaguard has taken up the challenge to help protect Australians against the surface spread of viruses, finalising a deal with Melbourne-based nanotechnology distribution company Touch Guard Pty Ltd to introduce High Touch™ - a unique antiviral, antibacterial shield for a vast number of vulnerable high use community contact points like ATMs, self-service kiosks and devices.

The deal enables Linfox Armaguard to offer High Touch™ Antiviral Surface Protection technology solution to the banking, retail and convenience sectors for their high-use touch points. The broad ranging agreement provides Armaguard with the ability to utilise the antiviral shield across other high public use areas of the Linfox Group business, logistics and aviation divisions.  High Touch™ Antiviral Surface Protection will be rolled out across Linfox Armaguard owned devices including atmx by Armaguard ATMs. 

“Armaguard has a proud history of protecting Australian communities.  Partnering with Touch Guard enables us to continue keeping our customers, their employees, and communities safe, and now we can help keep them healthy as well,” said Scott Forster, Executive GM, Group Transformation & International, Linfox Armaguard. 

“Our High Touch antiviral film forms an additional line of defence against the spread of viral pathogens that live on surfaces in the community. Whilst nothing beats frequent hand washing with soap, it is reassuring to know a growing number of surfaces that we touch every day will now have High Touch™ Antiviral Surface Protection continuously destroying viruses and bacteria in between normal cleaning,” said Jon Burfurd, joint Managing Director of Touch Guard Pty Ltd.


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About High Touch™ Antiviral Surface Protection and Nanoshield nanotechnology

The revolutionary nanotechnology antiviral surface protection Nanoshield, developed by Perth based, ASX listed company Nanoveu Pty Ltd (ASX: NVU) is distributed exclusively across Australia and New Zealand by Touch Guard Pty Ltd under the High Touch™ brand.  High Touch™ is fast becoming recognised as an important solution application against pandemics as communities strive to get beyond lockdowns with some level of surety that life can return to normal.

High Touch™ is an antiviral and antibacterial disinfection film for high use surfaces, embedded with a proprietary copper compound in nanoparticle form. Recent independent evaluation of High Touch’s Nanoshield film undertaken by Nestle, global leader in the food and beverage sector at its research facilities in Lausanne, Switzerland, concluded that after testing on the live SARS CoV-2 virus, it was significantly reduced (4 Log reduction) from surfaces within a short time frame. The research showed the self-disinfecting properties of the Nanoshield film remained active under various practical use cases such as high frequency touching and daily cleaning. 

The study published in the American Society of Microbiology Journal this year highlighted that the Nanoshield film continuously destroys viruses and bacteria, and is proven to kill 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2. It provides a proactive, continuous protection in between cleaning procedures for touch screens and high touch public use areas. Based on the outcomes of the scientific review, Nestle Research deemed Nanoshield film the preferred antiviral protection solution for their global network of commercial coffee machines.

Further peer reviewed research undertaken last year by the CSIRO identified how SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, behaves on the myriad of surfaces people normally touch every day. Tested at a range of temperatures, scientists were able to recover infectious material from smooth, non-porous surfaces like stainless steel, glass, and vinyl up to 28 days. 

The results of the CSIRO study confirmed that high-contact surfaces pose a risk. “These are the types of surfaces that have a significant number of different people touching them each day. They include ATMs, handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, and supermarket self-serve check-outs,” the study concluded.  


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