Linfox Armaguard and Prosegur Australia merger complete

Linfox Armaguard and Prosegur Australia merger complete

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November 2, 2023

Linfox Armaguard and Prosegur Australia merger complete

The Linfox Armaguard and Prosegur Australia merger has reached legal completion, a move that secures the future of reliable, sustainable access to cash in the Australian economy, and creates a viable future for the business. 

The merger, which includes cash in transit, cash processing, technical services and ATM networks, creates a utility that is a significant and positive development in the management of cash in transit and wholesale cash distribution in Australia. 

While cash usage has been in decline, it remains a critical component of Australian society.  Armaguard anticipates a ‘less cash’ future, not a ‘cashless’ future, and our intention is to support the ongoing needs of our customers and the community by building a reliable and sustainable network.   

The merger ensures that cash remains a cost effective and safe payment option for businesses and consumers, allowing cash to continue to fulfil its role in protecting privacy, choice, and access to payments for everyone right across Australia.  

Peter Fox AM, Linfox Armaguard Group Executive Chairman said “Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in Linfox Armaguard and Prosegur Australia’s story.  The merger brings together the strengths and expertise of both companies to secure a smarter future for our teams and the community.  

“Backed by the global expertise of Prosegur, we look forward to working together to further build our capability and drive innovation across the industry.  

“We are committed to providing excellent ongoing service continuity for our customers, delivering the quality solutions they have come to expect.” 


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