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Linfox Armaguard Group supporting essential health services in the COVID-19 crisis

As Australia and New Zealand respond to the growing COVID-19 crisis, Linfox Armaguard Group is committed to providing all the support we can. 

One of the top concerns for health authorities is how an exponential increase in cases is likely to overwhelm our health system. 

We understand that the extended Easter school holidays and likely homeschooling to follow will pose a significant challenge for health workers with children. Many will be forced to take time off work to care for children, or rely on grandparents, one of the groups most vulnerable to the virus. 

We are providing paid leave to Linfox Armaguard Group team members in Australia and New Zealand with a partner who works in the health system and is faced with this challenge. This will allow our employees to care for children at home so their partner can continue to provide essential health services. 

This policy applies to all permanent employees of Armaguard Group who:

  • Have a partner in the same household who works in the health system (in an essential role within ambulance services, hospitals, medical centres, or aged care) who is required to provide support regarding the COVID-19 crisis; and
  • Have children who require supervision during any period of childcare or school shut down, school holidays or another time in which their partner is unable to provide care or supervision due to their work obligations;
  • Who have no other paid leave available.

As a market leader and essential services provider of secure currency supply chain and technology solutions, our priority is to help relieve the burden on critical services and continue to support the community at this challenging time.